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Custom Business Cards

Minimum order quantity: 1000

Add a fully custom and 100% recyclable business card to any order, or send one in an envelope. Bring new campaigns to life with full-colour printing, promote an upcoming event and make every delivery personal with a tailored message.

  • Custom printing
  • Double-sided printing
  • FSC certified
  • Roadside recyclable

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What are custom business cards?

Custom business cards are cards specifically designed for a brand that also have a business aim. This may be promoting an upcoming launch event or sharing helpful product information. As cards are simple rectangles made from kraft paper, they’re one of the most cost-effective types of packaging. At the same time, you can always customise business cards to meet your exact needs, from double-sided printing to adding special finishes like embossing.

Benefits of custom printed business cards

Custom printed business cards are an easy way to make your orders personal, fun and memorable. Which, in competitive markets, can help your brand stand out and make your customers feel valued. They’re also one of the cheapest types of packaging, making them an ideal marketing tool for small brands or tight budgets. Finally, as custom printed business cards are simple rectangles, they’re easy to store and fast to add to any order.

What are custom business cards used for?

Custom business are suitable for a wide range of uses: sending marketing materials, thanking customers, promoting events, offering promotions and more. They can also be used as a hand-out to promote your product or brand.

How to use custom printed cards

Custom printed cards are incredibly versatile with an entire range of options, including size, material, style, printing, finish and more. This means you can tailor your custom printed cards exactly the way you want. There is no one design that works best.

Differences in custom printed cards

Most custom printed cards fall into two categories: business cards and greeting cards. Business cards have a business aim, like promoting an upcoming event. Greeting cards, however, don’t and are not commonly used by businesses. Not all custom printed cards are the same size either. With Sourceful, you can choose between three standard sizes or create a bespoke size with our team.

How to choose the right custom business card

Designing your business card starts with choosing the size and style. There is no one correct size, and it will depend on your packaging, design and brand. For the style, there are two options available: flat or folded. Flat cards are the most cost-effective but folded cards allow you to maximise the available area for brand content. Folded cards can also stand up on its own, making them a useful way to keep your brand front and centre.

Your next decision is your core material. Whilst brown paper is more sustainable and more cost-effective, colours and artwork will appear more muted than on white paper. This means if colour is essential to your business card, we'd recommend white paper. You should always choose based on your artwork, budget and project needs.

A final consideration is the finish on your custom printed business cards. Embossing, for example, creates a raised effect on the surface of your card. It’s possible to emboss parts of your design, like text, which is a good way to make specific elements stand out. Debossing has the same effect as embossing but in reverse, imprinting parts of your design. Both create a luxurious feel and look, which many premium brands use to great effect.

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  1. Fc

    Flat card

    Ideal for shorter messages, promotions and social campaigns. Flat cards can be printed on both sides.
  2. Fc

    Folded card

    Folded ‘greeting card’ style. Ideal for maximising your branding space and sending production information, marketing materials and brochures. Folded cards can be printed on both sides.
  3. Ss

    Standard sizes

    Standard card sizes are useful for pairing with envelopes. Each standard size will pair with an equivalent envelope size.
  4. Uw

    Uncoated white paper

    FSC certified, uncoated white paper has a textured surface without shine. Designs will appear softer and less crisp than the coated option (Silk paper)
  5. Sp

    Silk paper

    FSC certified, silk paper allows for high-quality print with a silky-smooth finish. Silk paper creates a finish in between gloss and matte. Ideal for bright, bold designs.
  6. Bk

    Brown kraft paper

    FSC certified unbleached paper made from virgin pulp. Brown paper is more sustainable than white paper as it does not require bleaching. Colours may appear slightly muted because of its brown colour.
  7. 3


    300gsm is the standard option for the uncoated papers.
  8. 2


    270gsm is the standard option for the silk paper.
  9. Pt

    Print toner

    Used for digital printing.
  10. Si

    Soy-based inks

    Made with soy as their primary base, these inks are designed for offset printing. More sustainable than solvent-based inks.
  11. Ui

    UV inks

    UV ink is a fast-drying alternative to solvent-based inks. UV ink can be printed on a wide range of materials and creates a vibrant finish. Used in combination with offset printing.

Supply chain assurance

A resilient, responsible supply chain


We validate all supplier claims and third-party certifications such as ISO, BRC and FSC. And we ensure suppliers adhere to UK and EU laws on chemicals and product components, like UK REACH. This allows businesses to confidently buy high-quality products that align with a net-zero trajectory.

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Vetted suppliers

We vet every supplier we work with. We do this through site visits and product testing.

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Quality control

Every lot from our suppliers undergoes a quality inspection process before it’s shipped. Any lot that fails quality inspection is returned to the manufacturer or reproduced.

For orders manufactured internationally (outside the UK), we follow the Acceptable Quality Limit (AQL) method defined by ISO 2859 - 1.

For orders manufactured domestically (inside the UK), our suppliers perform the quality inspection process which we then verify through spot checks throughout the year.

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