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Digital Printed Mailer Boxes

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Digital custom printed mailer boxes are made for shipping everything from clothing to cosmetics. Our cardboard mailer boxes are ideal for brands with simple but bold designs looking for fast turnarounds. Additional features like a double peel & seal make fulfilment fast and returns easy.

  • Digital printing
  • FSC certified
  • Matte finish
  • Custom sizing
  • Made in the UK
  • Delivered in 2-4 weeks

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How does digital box printing work?

Digital printing on mailer boxes is a cutting-edge technique that uses digital technology to print directly onto the box. The process starts with a design, which is prepared for printing. The digital file is sent to the printer, which applies colour toner layer by layer using electrostatic rollers. The toner is then fused onto the box with heat. With this method, each box can be uniquely printed, allowing for high customisation. Plus, it produces high-quality, vibrant prints.

What are the benefits of digital printing?

Digital printing offers several benefits. This printing method is ideal for small production runs and fast turnarounds as it doesn't involve significant setup costs. It also allows for full-colour printing (CMYK), making it suitable for multi-coloured designs and images. Furthermore, digital printing enables Pantone matching to Delta E of 3, which means we can closely match the client-requested colour.

Carbon footprint

See how the carbon footprint of our digital print mailer box compares to our premium mailer box and a benchmark product.

How is this calculated?

Carbon footprint comparison between a digital print mailer box, a premium mailer box and a benchmark mailer box. Digital print mailer box has a 50-90% smaller carbon footprint.

~50-90% smaller carbon footprint than a premium mailer box

~16-56% CO2e


Manufacturing our digital print mailer boxes in the UK instead of overseas can reduce their carbon footprint by up to 56% (depending on freight type) compared to premium mailer boxes, with savings increasing for larger orders.

~16% CO2e

Materials and secondary packaging

Digital printing allows our manufacturers to use thinner paper liners. This reduces material usage of the paper liners by c.40%, which translates to an average 16% emissions reduction.

~18% CO2e


Digital print mailer boxes produce less waste during setup and need fewer tooling plates than premium mailer boxes. With less waste, materials and energy used, you can reduce your carbon footprint by 18%.


Understand your entire supply chain

Node map of an eco mailer box's carbon footprint.
Carbon footprint breakdown of an eco mailer box.
Emissions from an eco mailer box's materials. 73% of the total carbon footprint.
  1. F0

    FEFCO 0427

    Quick to assemble, FEFCO 0427 has a wide, flat interior surface which is ideal for branding or creating a memorable unboxing experience. FEFCO 0427 is durable in transit with each sidewall constructed from two layers of cardboard, providing excellent crush resistance.
  2. Wk

    White kraft

    FSC-certified, bleached paper made from recycled and virgin pulp. White kraft liner has a fibrous texture and a matte finish.
  3. Bk

    Brown kraft

    FSC-certified, unbleached and uncoated paper made from virgin pulp with a matte finish. Brown kraft is the most sustainable material for digital print mailer boxes.
  4. Mf

    Matte finish

    A small amount of primer to increase print quality with a matte finish.
  5. Ef


    Commonly used for mailer boxes, E-flute is strong yet easy to fold.
  6. Sp

    Single peel & seal

    One strip of adhesive covered with a fibre-based backing paper. A single peel & seal makes fulfilment fast and helps make your packaging tamper-proof. Adding a peel & seal has minimal impact on your carbon footprint.
  7. Dp

    Double peel & seal

    Two strips of adhesive covered with fibre-based backing paper. A double peel & seal makes fulfilment fast and returns easy for your customers. Adding a peel & seal has minimal impact on your carbon footprint.

Supply chain

A resilient, responsible supply chain


We validate all supplier claims and third-party certifications such as ISO, BRC and FSC. And we ensure suppliers adhere to UK and EU laws on chemicals and product components, like UK REACH. This allows businesses to confidently buy high-quality products that align with a net-zero trajectory.

Look for our FSC® certified products.

Vetted suppliers

We visit and vet every supplier we work with. We use our code of conduct to do this, which defines what we consider to be ethical working conditions. To work with Sourceful, suppliers and their manufacturing sites must meet this code. We then review their practices every year.

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Quality control

Every order from our suppliers undergoes a quality inspection process before it’s shipped. Any order that fails quality inspection is returned to the manufacturer or reproduced.

For orders manufactured internationally (outside the UK), we follow the Acceptable Quality Limit (AQL) method defined by ISO 2859 - 1.

For orders manufactured domestically (inside the UK), our suppliers perform the quality inspection process which we then verify through spot checks throughout the year.

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